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Contrary to popular belief that children should not play with toy guns, recent studies have shown otherwise.

A ban on toy guns can actually stunt children’s development and cause increased violence and rule breaking. From a 2002 study done in April in the U.K., “The findings come after research carried out by Penny Holland, academic leader for early childhood studies at London Metropolitan University, who found that boys who have been banned from playing soldiers and pirate games [which involve guns] can become frustrated, both in and out of the classroom.”

Another report released by the British Department for Children, Schools and Families says that “nursery staff should ignore their ‘natural instinct’ to stop young boys playing games with weapons.” The report also says that such activities can help to engage them. Yet another Scottish study has found that “playing with toy guns promoted boys" learning and inclusion, boosted their imagination and prevented the playtime sport from being driven "underground".

Toyland Company carries a wide variety of toy gun products and related accessories. Our selection not only involves classic toy guns and cap guns, as well as other complete toy sets which include guns along with targets of varying size, holsters and even a CSI-inspired investigation kit!

Toyland Company’s toy guns are approved by US and Canadian Regulations. Note that our toy guns are NOT replicas: all of Toyland Company’s toy guns have an orange tip, clearly indicating that it is a toy and avoiding potentially fatal errors in communications.
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