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Why not check out our wide selection of Canada Day paraphernalia?

In preparation for Canada Day festivities, why not check out our wide selection of Canada Day paraphernalia? From traditional Canadian flags of all sizes to accessories such as lanyards and pins and bandanas, we are your one-stop shop for all your Canada Day needs.

The Canadian Flag is a staple of any Canada Day celebration. For handheld sized flags, we have polyester flags on plastic poles (B5CN 138, 138). For those who like to stand a flag up on a stand, item number B5CN 139 is the perfect choice, since it includes a stylish base. To bring the display on the road, the car window flag (B5CN 252) is a must-have. Finally, a ceremonial-sized flag (B5CN 253) is available from Toyland Company as well.

For a Canada Day party on the beach, Toyland Company has everything you need. A Canada flying disk inspired by Frisbee (B5CN 263) is a great way to show off your patriotism and disk skills at the same time. Play kicking ball and beach ball with a Canada kick ball inspired by Hacky Sack (B5CN 361-363), and a “Canada Rocks!” beach ball (B5CN 370).

Toyland Company offers these items, and much more (under the B5CN section of the catalogue). If you haven’t started preparing for Canada Day, it’s not too late! Give Toyland Company a call, and one of our associates will be glad to assist you.