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Magnetic Hematite Jewelry are good for your health!

The amazing physical healing properties of magnets have been harnessed for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians knew about the amazing healing properties locked inside these amazing pieces of stone more than 2000 years ago, while the Ancient Chinese believed that magnets are crucial to the flow and balance of the life force, qi.

Magnetic hematite works by supplying a magnetic field which boosts the immune system. The end results are innumerable. The major benefits are that aches and pains greatly diminish, blood circulation improves, and mental concentration is enhanced.

These trendy necklaces and bracelets are not only fashion accessories; they also improve health! That is not something that can be said for other necklaces and bracelets available on the market. Although magnets are not suitable for use for those with pacemakers, everyone else can benefit from the health gains offered by this non-invasive, completely safe therapy, and look cool with the many trendy designs available at the same time.

Magnetic health necklaces and bracelets appeal to consumers of all ages, and are great additions to any variety of existing product lines. Different hematite bead sizes and shapes means there is a necklace or bracelet that goes with any outfit, and any taste in fashion accessories. Because the necklaces and bracelets are one size fits all, there is no need to stock separate sizes for people of varying size and stature.

The wide variety of necklaces and bracelets are attractively tied and displayed on cards, which are available hung on a wooden rack, maximizing their exposure while keeping them neatly contained. The necklaces and bracelets are not sealed, so customers may browse and touch the different beads that make up the bracelets and necklaces.

Magnetic health necklaces and bracelets are available today from Toyland Company at very competitive prices. Please refer to the following item numbers for further inquiries:

Magnetic Health Bracelets of Varying Designs
U9FA 180 to U9FA 184
U9FA 201 to U9FA 203

Magnetic Health Necklaces of Varying Designs
U9FA 246 to U9FA 251

If a variety of designs and assortment are desired, please also consider the following:

Magnetic Health Bracelet Set with Rack: U9FA 200 and U9FA 205

Magnetic Health Necklace and Bracelet Set with Rack: U9FA 245