With over 4,000 items, our product line
reaches across several types of
retail businesses.

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What set Toyland Company apart from other importers?

Established in 1978, Toyland Company has been an evolving enterprise that ceases to grow. We have great pride in our diverse range of merchandise, which now includes innovative toys, as well as other ground-breaking products: Canadiana, costume jewelry, novelties, recreational items, party supplies, and stationery. What sets Toyland Company apart from other toy and novelty importers  is that our warehouse is never stagnant. We continuously seek out the latest products, and keep our warehouse stocked with all-time bestsellers alongside trendy newcomers.  With over 4,000 items to choose from and a team of diligent and efficient staff, Toyland Company will undoubtedly meet your standards. We are a leading business specializing in multiple disciplines, allowing our merchandise to reach across various retail businesses. Since our top priorities are variety and competitive pricing, our products are ideal for toy stores, dollar stores, arcades, convenience stores, and everything in between. Don’t hesitate to request web access to our online catalogue, or visit our 3,000 square feet showroom to have a full view of our spectacular products! Our tidy displays and conscientious sales staff will complete your remarkable wholesale experience at Toyland Company!