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Our new 2015 Product Catalogue will be available on January 20th, 2015!

Our new 2013 Product Catalogue will be here in mid-February!

Dec 2011 - Our new 2012 Product Catalogue will be here in early February!

Dec 21, 2011 - Voluntary recall on #U9FA 240 Heart Shape Pendant and #U9FA 896 & 897 Plug Bracelet

Jan 2011 - Our new 2011 Product Catalogue is ready

Feb 2010 - Our new 2010 Product Catalogue is ready

June 2009 - Voluntary recall on #P5SI 683 Connection Rings

Apr 2009 - New ring cap and paper cap launch

Mar 2009 - Don’t leave your InSight sunglasses behind when you go outdoors!

Feb 2009 - Magnetic Hematite Jewelry are good to your health!

Nov 2008 - Contrary to popular belief that children should not play with toy guns, recent studies have shown otherwise.

Aug 2008 - Why not check out our wide selection of Canada Day paraphernalia?

May 2008 - What set Toyland Company apart from other importers?