With over 4,000 items, our product line
reaches across several types of
retail businesses.

   Social / Religious/ Political / Charity organization

At Toyland Company, we carry a wide line of items that are sure to suit your fundraising needs.
We have fun and educational games for the whole family! They make for great products for auctions or raffles. Board games are a great way to get everyone seated down together for an exciting round of whatever game it may be, and everyone would be glad to receive one of these for a prize.
If the prizes are for more serious individuals, we offer intellectually stimulating products such as Newton’s Cradle Balance Ball which are a great addition to anyone’s tabletop.
The items under the A3BULK section make great redemption prizes! The majority of them are specifically designed for mystery bag prizes as they are small and economical.
Toyland Company also has all your event decoration needs covered. We have balloons in a expansive spectrum of colour and size, and even those with messages printed on them. Check out the C5B section for various balloons for every occasion. Toyland Company also carries plastic drinking cups for and table cloths to maintain a healthy hygiene during large gatherings.
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