With over 4,000 items, our product line
reaches across several types of
retail businesses.

   Toy / Hobby / Craft shop

Toyland Company supplies a vast range of merchandise to arts and crafts and hobby stores, at unbeatable prices. One of our reigning best-sellers is our crazy putty, which comes in myriad colours and containers. We have neon putty, glow-in-the-dark putty, bouncing putty, slimy putty, and putty in test tubes or eggs! Here at Toyland Company, we are inspired by the imagination! For instance, our Puffy Putty (#A2DBI 870) consists of dry micro beads (in assorted colours) packaged in a clear container. The brilliant design of these micro beads allows you to mix and match colours to mould your own creative figures!
For arts and crafts enthusiasts, Toyland Company is pleased to present a collection of beautiful glass rocks and marbles, magnificent beads and strings for jewellery making, and colourful pompoms and chenille stems; we even have lovely chiffon bags of various sizes to hold your marbles and beads! We also offer hundreds of stylish charm links for bracelet making. The most ‘today’ style of bracelets that we’ve introduced is the plug bracelet: a modern rubbery band with holes that you can plug with our changeable charms!