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   Science & Nature / Museum

Kids love hands-on activities! At Toyland Company, we have just the things you need to stimulate interest in the natural world all around us.
To help kids discover and observe the smaller inhabitants we share this world with, Toyland Company carries insect cages and magnifying holders. With this, kids can learn to identify the different insects that exist around us in our daily activities.  
Harnessing the amazing capabilities of the wind is easily within reach. Kids can discover this breathtaking renewable resource by flying a kite! Toyland Company carries kites with many fascinating designs that are ready to fly since spools are included!
Toyland Company also carries a wide selection of products that provide a glimpse into the prehistoric eras of the Earth before humans roamed the planet. We have realistic dinosaur figures, as well as model sets, and glow in the dark dinosaurs. All of these can be found in the A5RAI section.
Toyland Company is pleased to offer the above mentioned products, and lots more at competitive prices! Register on our website today and see what other neat toys we carry!