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   Amusement Centre/ Park, Canrival

There’s no better way for people to remember their amusement park adventures than with their hard earned stuffed animals and other toys! After all, playing the different games and attractions wouldn’t be very rewarding or challenging if there were no prizes involved. At Toyland Company, we offer the latest in cool toys and exciting prizes at very affordable prices. Give your patrons something they’ll look forward to winning! We have fun merchandise of all sizes, from the trendiest stuffed animals (Q5PT 284-317), to cute tiny wind-up crawling animals and insects (A2DBI 536-553).
The 8” plastic flying dragonfly (A2DBI 721) is a great as a small prize. The miracles of flight can be held and witnessed firsthand, and is a breathtaking marvel to behold by people of all ages. Also take a look at our gliders (A2DBi 424, 425, 500, 501).
Other great choices for small prizes include poppers (A2DBI 741, 744, 762), and bouncy balls (B5CN 118-122).
For large prizes, die cast models of cars, planes, helicopters and bikes are sure to be crowd pleasers. Check out the many different designs in the catalogue (F6NR category).
Please contact Toyland Company today and we will be glad to assist you with all your amusement park needs.