With over 4,000 items, our product line
reaches across several types of
retail businesses.

   Department Store

At Toyland Company, we can confidently assert that our sales staffs have collectively served chain stores and major department stores for over 40 years. We have extensive experience on doing schematic planograms custom built for your need.  The majority of our products are UPC coded and are in uniform packaging which makes merchandising a breeze. In addition, many of our products come in bilingual (English & French) packaging. Our product management team at Toyland Company works diligently to ensure that we can offer the finest products to you at great values. Along with toys, our inventory includes novelty items, recreational items and household accessories. We have an impressive line of kids umbrellas that come in many exciting colours. Designs include dogs, ducks, frogs, and much more. Some of them are pop out umbrellas whose wings protrude from the top. At the sight of the large selection of umbrellas we have, will make any child smile like sunshine in the rain. Have a glance at our catalogue or take a tour of our showroom and let our products impress you!