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Just like our name implies, Toyland Company is a leading toy supplier. Our selection is beyond comparison. With our immense variety of toys, Toyland Company is your one-stop shop for all of your toy needs.
Toyland Company’s die-cast line includes vehicles of various shapes and sizes, from standard cars to large helicopters, tractors, and buses! Our die-cast vehicles feature fully-operable doors, and many even include a pull-back action to send these cars flying across the ground!
One of the most popular phases that children go through is the dinosaur phase. We have just ordered a new line of rubber dinosaurs (A5RAI 447-481,) including, but also stepping outside of the boundary of the most stereotypically broadcasted dinosaurs such as the t-rex, stegosaurus, and triceratops etc. Not only will rarer dinosaurs such as the baryonx (A5RAI 472) and the parasaurus (A5RAI 448) be new fun toys for children, but they will also broaden their knowledge about the prehistoric ages. Don’t worry though—we still have the more popular dinosaurs in stock.
Many boys dream of playing with toy guns. Toyland Company’s selection of caps for cap guns are approved and authorized for sale in Canada by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada. The toy guns sold by Toyland Company are a great way to introduce and reinforce safe behavior around guns, and allow for imaginative role play as well.
Girls aren’t left out either! Toyland Company also carries a line of “My Little Angel” girl toys, perfect for dress up and tea parties. These fashionable toys come in a single packaging design for solidarity.
Toyland Company also supplies small toys for redemption and loot bags as well as toys for educational purposes. Please check out our other product category descriptions as well as our complete online catalogue viewable after you register and login to our website for all your toy needs; after all, when it comes to fun, we are all business!