With over 4,000 items, our product line
reaches across several types of
retail businesses.

   Dollar / Discount/ Variety Store

Everyone loves discount and variety stores, with their breathtaking aisles and aisles of exciting goods and unbelievable deals that are waiting to be discovered around every corner. At Toyland Company, we know that there’s nothing that quite compares to the feeling of finding an exceptional bargain. Toyland Company’s titanic product selection can help you give every customer that walks through your doors that exact rush. Our frequent updates to our merchandise selections mean that the hottest and trendiest products are available to you and your customers. Toyland Company offers huge varieties of goods at surprisingly competitive prices, ranging from cool gadgets to exciting toys. 
To light up dark places instantly, such as in closets or under counters, take a look at our stick-on lights. There is no need for electrical wires or cords because our lights use regular AA batteries. For more portability, check out our hand powered flashlights—they really come in handy during emergencies as well! For escaping the summer heat, nothing beats jumping into a pool! Toyland Company carries a wide selection of inflatable pool toys at very competitive prices, as well as swim aids such as kickboards for those less accustomed to being in an aquatic environment. We also carry swimming goggles and snorkeling gear
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V2HE 189                                                            Laser Card With Two LED lights
V2HE 192                                                            LED Utility Light
V4GLO Series                                                      Glowsticks
K9 Series                                                              Pool toys and Inflatable Swim toys