With over 4,000 items, our product line
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retail businesses.

   Gift / Book Shop

One of the many things that Toyland Company never fails to achieve is offering fun, fresh, and fantastic merchandise at unbelievably low prices. We sell modern accessories and items that are usable and adored by people of all ages: fabulous stationery and stickers; funky lanyards and cell phone holders; cuddly stuffed animals ranging from small to life-sized; night lights with calming designs; fashionable  magnetic and charm bracelets; and soft, pretty cushions. Our hip glass wall clocks are also must-haves, as they are very creative in design and colour. A great example is our 14” “Bear” Glass Clock (#T4GI 502) that has a vibrant pink base and displays the adorable face of a bright yellow bear vivacity to any room are our lovely photo frames, like our 5”x3.5” Sand Picture Frame (T3PIC 444). These photo frames have coloured sand that flows through the bacikground. Our amazing products show you that at Toyland Company, looking attractive is a must!