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   Resort / Camp Site / Travel Information Centre

Although we are primarily a wholesaler of toys and novelties, Toyland Company is also proud to present countless products specialized for camping and travel. We ensure that our company is on its toes when it comes to providing contemporary and essential merchandise for touring, resorts and camp sites. Included in this category are high quality, yet affordable binoculars, sunglasses, disposable cameras, radios, whistles, and luggage straps.
One of our company’s most modern and efficient products is our Cap Light (#T7OU 117) which is a small but powerful LED light that clips onto the rim of a hat to allow hand free operation. This small, lightweight item is ideal for emergencies or for outdoor activities.
Since wet weather is nearly inevitable in all Canadian provinces, umbrellas are must-haves. Toyland Company offers many sorts of umbrellas in different colours and patterns, including our adorable umbrellas for kids. An example is our “Ladybug” Kid’s Umbrella (#K6U 118). It is a red umbrella with black spots and cute, cartoon ladybugs eyes that protrude out from the top.
As a Canadian Company, we also carry hundreds products that show off our national symbol. This ranges from Canadian stationery to keychains to lanyards to bandanas! Our maple leaf-inspired merchandise serves as marvelous souvenirs for everyone, especially at Toyland Company’s competitive prices!
The whole point of a vacation is to relax, and at Toyland Company, we offer a good selection of products to relieve the stress of everyday life.
For those who spend time beside bodies of water, we carry many inflatable water toys, from inflatable beach balls to swim rings to inflatable loungers! Check out the K9 section for our exciting collection of aquatic toys!
Toyland Company carries fun outdoor toys for kids, such as plastic golf sets (#K2SF 363), catch ball sets (K2SF 375), badminton rackets (L3SPG 184, 186), and much more.
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