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Air Horns & Bug Zappers

Air Horns & Bug Zappers...


Disposable Cameras

Cool Shades (UV400)

Cool Shades (UV400)...

Phantom Fire

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LED Lights

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Inflatable Beds

Inflatable Beds

Going camping?  We have everything at Toyland Company to best prepare you for your outdoor adventures!  From a two person tent, to camping lanterns, to cutlery-on-the-go, to rain ponchos, you can find what you need for a weekend out with nature here at Toyland.  Having a family campfire? Make it a bit more brilliant with our Phantom Fire. Tossing this in the fire will make it dance with a whole spectrum of colours.  And what better way is there to enjoy a campfire than to be sitting around it?  We carry foldable camping stools that are very comfortable and take up minimal space.  A day out in the sun is never complete without a nice pair of shades.  Browse through our many styles of sunglasses to best suit your needs and enhance your personal style!  Whether you’re doing something sporty, going out on the town, or channeling the Top Gun look with aviators, we’ve got the perfect pair for you!  Don’t let mosquitoes and other bugs ruin a good time!  Our electric bug zapper is the ultimate bug deterrent, whether they are harassing you indoors or outdoors!  Register on our website today and check out Toyland Company’s full selection of outdoor goods.