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What better activity to do on a hot midsummer day than having a water fight? Toyland Company has everything you need to get drenched as fast as possible!
Our water gun selection is extremely varied, ranging from your tiny squirt gun to water blasters that can pinpoint a target from tens of meters away! With our competitive prices, you can stock up on the widest selection of water blasters of every shape and size.
A traditional water balloon fight is a great way to get wet, cool down and have fun doing so! Toyland Company carries water balloons with a pump included in the bag to help you prepare for battle faster than your opponents! For subsequent battles, we also carry water balloon packages that do not include a pump for the best bang for your buck.
Everyone’s played with soap bubbles before, but the experience is completely different once you throw in Toyland Company’s selection of bubble makers and soaps! We have your classic bubble soap bottle and wand, to the coolest electric bubble makers. For a truly breathtaking sight, check out the 6 inch flashing bubble gun that fire away a luminous barrage of bubbles accompanied by 4 bright LED lights.!
For those just learning to swim, to competitive racers, Toyland Company has swim toys for everyone. Swim rings and inflatable wings can help those not so comfortable in the water, while our goggles and snorkeling gear can help experienced swimmers discover a brand new world beneath the surface.
Whatever your summer and water needs are: Toyland Company will be glad to assist you with them.