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   Recreational Centre

Not only do we have a spectacular collection of toys, we also supply new and exciting gear for recreational activities. At Toyland Company, we understand and value the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Thus, our list of available sports equipment is expansive: rackets and birdies for badminton, paddles and balls for table tennis, golf balls, tees, flying discs, and much more. We carry a variety of jump ropes, a classic and effective way to stay in shape.
The latest addition of products that we are proud to flaunt is Toyland Company’s new and improved line of inflatables. We now carry inflatables in many forms, colours, and sizes that the whole family can embrace. This includes our vibrant beach balls, theme-inspired boats, relaxing lounge chairs, adorable swim rings—you name it! To top off our collection of water toys, we also carry snorkel sets and goggles for children and adults of all sorts. Water never looked so good since Toyland Company came along.