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   School / Educational Institute

Reading from a textbook can only take a student so far—especially those kinesthetic learners. To provide them with the best education, Toyland Company offers many educational aids that can be used for demonstrations of concepts learnt in class and most importantly, for the pupils to have hands on experimentation for themselves. We also have numerous stimulating mental challenges for students.
The Magic Spring inspired by Slinky can be used as a toy, but they are wonderful for many applications in physics! Wave motion can be easily seen and produced firsthand, and with metal magic springs, a solenoid with variable length can be made, demonstrating the effect coils per unit length has on magnetic field.
Newton’s Cradle is a great way to show students how the laws of conservation of energy and momentum work together to keep the hanging balls in motion. Newton’s third law of action and reaction can also be observed through this amazing contraption.
During breaks, students can immerse themselves in challenging puzzles. The mini wooden puzzles shows students that elegant designs can be made from seemingly random pieces of wood intricately fit together.
With Toyland Company’s competitive prices, everyone can have a chance to get their hands on these amazing and educational items. There won’t be a need to wait in line before equipment is freed up, and spares can be kept on hand in case a broken item needs to be replaced.
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